SCAD Startup

Leadership / Spring 2016 - present

SCAD Startup is a quarterly event hosted by the UX club in collaboration with SCAD AD Club and SCAD Service Design Network in which students compete in teams of four in a week long design competition. Students are challenged to come up with a product or service concept based on a theme, and are given a toolkit of product design and service design resources to utilize. Each teams final deliverables are presented in the form of a pitch deck which they present to a panel of judges that serve as mock investors. The winner with the most funding wins!

Tools used: Slack, Trello

Recap video

Below is a recap video from the kick-off of our 2016-2017 event; Shot and edited by Cameron Ross.

Teaser video

Below is a video teaser for the prompt of SCAD Startup 2017. The film was shot and filmed by Wesley Spears.



I first founded and co-directed this event in the spring of 2016 while studying abroad with Hannah Moyers, the president of the UX club at the time. While in Hong Kong, the club was very small, and there was very little interest and awareness about User Experience Design as a major. We wanted to create an event for the club that was interdisciplinary by nature, and could expose a wide variety of students to the problem solving skills used in the product design field so they could apply it to their own field of study. With less than a week to plan the competition and gain approval, our first event was far more successful than anticipated with over 25 students participating. Since then, I have relaunched SCAD Startup in Savannah, with an expected 200+ participants this quarter.

The goal

The goal of SCAD Startup is to come out of the competition with an amazing idea, great portfolio work, and a great learning experience.

Moving forward

Eventually we hope to build a bridge between engineering students and designers. We have a difficult task in front of us that will take time and iteration to perfect. If you are interested in assisting us in our quest, please reach out to or contact me directly.